The Humpty Dumpty Dinner
Homemade Nature Made Pick Up Sticks

Make a Mess - As much as it kills the neat freak in me, I...

Search Pinterest and you’ll find a plethora of ideas for keeping the kids entertained over winter break. Those are all well and good, but we know that sometimes all those crafty, snuggly, educatio...   more»
The Risky Kids
Day 11: Frosty Bagel

Camp Out: Complete with flash lights, sleeping bags, and ...

Moving from Georgia to Missouri has caused me to step up my game in the indoor activity department. There is plenty Amelia can play with on her own, but there are also things we can do to help spar...   more»
Raising Amelia Rose
Skin Therapy Play Dough

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  • theaumsmama
    I love baking with the kids on cold, rainy days...helps keep the house warm, the kids love helping in the kitchen, and something yummy to eat. Win win win!