A framework in advance...would help your marriage when it...

In wake of the recent Arnold and Maria saga, now would be a good time to talk about marriage and divorce. I was speaking to my mother last week, who explained that back in the day, she was actuall...   more»
Women On The Fence

I hope I am to him all that he is to me.

Sixteen years ago today, I married a wonderful man. One who's stuck by me in my craziness, supported me and loved me when really, no one should. We are definitely better and we've been through wors...   more»
In The Yellow House

First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage, Then Comes the Romance Killers in a Baby Carriage?

A new book examining contemporary marriages puts some of the blame for the decline of marital romance on how adults are choosing to parent their offspring, according to a Washington Post parent   more»
Mommy Tracked

The spontaneity was so healthy for all of us.

I am a planner. There, I said it. I like having something to look forward to. I enjoy having an idea of what to expect. However, I don't believe I'm someone that *has* to follow a particular plan t...   more»
Momma Needs a Beer

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