• Pmejiaburke
    I nursed my son for four years.  I had sore nipples, he couldn't latch on properly at first, I got mastitis and we both got thrush.  Was it easy?  No, not at first.  Did I enjoy every moment of it?  No, not really but I knew I was doing the best I could and eventually we figured it out. Breastfeeding is like a dance; here I was with a brand-new partner, had no training or experience.  Yes, I had read some books, especially La Leche League books, and yes, I had a friend who had a baby a couple of months older than mine and I was able to ask her questions and watch her.  Thankfully, I was able to attend La Leche League meetings for a couple of years and met some incredible moms. My son and I finally figured out our dance and it was beautiful and lasted for four years.  Would I do it again?  Oh, yes!  Is he warped because he nursed for four years?  No!  He's 13 years old, very healthy and extremely intelligent.  Does he remember nursing?  No, he says he doesn't.  In a way, that makes me sad.  But, when we talk about the future, he tells me his wife will definitely nurse his children. I wish every expectant mom could attend La Leche League and have someone with her to guide her through the first rough month or two.  It is a challenge but it is so worth it!