Mothers and Daughters: Thoughts for Mother’s Day
raising a daughter who likes sports

But…She Doesn’t Like Me.

Recently, our pre-school daughter kept coming home and telling us that a girl at school was mean to her. She wouldn’t talk to her. She was rude to her. She didn’t play with her. Using my general li...   more»
Critters And Crayons

Discouraging Teen Pregnancy

Marinka: Honey, come here, I want to talk to you. 13 year old daughter: No, thanks. M: It’s not a choice. 13 yo: WHAT? M: You know what’s really sucks? 13 yo: I thought I wasn’t allowed to use that...   more»
Motherhood in NYC

Map of a Date Rape to Protect my Daughters

“The thing about being murdered,” writes William Langewiesche in this May’s issue of Vanity Fair, “it usually comes as a surprise.” The same can be said of date rape.  When I awoke that bright spri...   more»
The Woman Formerly Known As Beautiful

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What is your biggest challenge with raising a daughter?

  • Bodyreform
    My biggest challenge is having a conversation with my daughter. I never know what teenage mood shes in. Am I talking to happy chatty 15 year or the Blair Witch?  Oh and btw the mood could turn at any second!
  • my oldest daughter is just so much like me (and also so emotional) some ways I can understand what she is thinking better than my other kids, but in other ways it's harder having her be so similar to me. despite the challenges, though, I LOVE having daughters and am really enjoying developing my relationships with them. it's really wonderful!