How to Behave: A Mom’s Group Toolbox

Years ago, I went to my first mom’s group meeting, lugging my 5-week old in his bucket carseat. My c-section scar was still hurting when I lifted the seat and my breasts were so large from nursing ...   more»
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6 Date Night Ideas That Don’t Require a Babysitter

With the economy totally sucking, we’ve modified our babysitter retainer model slightly and are trying to have a few more date nights at home. If you thought it was totally unrealistic when I told ...   more»
Rookie Moms

Activities for New Moms: 52 Weekly Challenges

Our own experience with unstructured time and a small baby tells us that having an activity planned or a project for the day is tremendously helpful in passing the time. When your partner gets home...   more»
Rookie Moms

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  • When you have your first baby, only give yourself 1 to-do a day for the first month...even if that to-do is just brushing your teeth!