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Snow Day
She Says… Snow Day!
The First Snow

Bring a shovel.

Sledding is a great way to kill an afternoon on snowy days, have some fun with the family and get some outdoor winter exercise. I loved sledding as a kid, but now when I see 'B' pretending to have ...   more»
North Shore Kid

They begged for wintery fun and so we decided, what’s bet...

We just had our first substantial snow here in the Midwest. The girls have waited all season for this snow. There is just something magical about snow; to adults and children alike. The girls could...   more»
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Scenes from a snowy day

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  • Hatton Gravely
    We just went to WV and my son played in the snow for the first time :)
  •  this is our favorite snow day....http://gronicktales.blogspot.c...