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The skin on your scalp is an extension of the skin on you...

Dandruff is the common skin condition that leaves us with an itchy, irritated scalp and small flakes that gather on our clothing, often causing us frustration and embarrassment. It can get worse in...   more»

I’m usually pretty good about my beauty routines... but c...

Okay, okay. Sure, I haven’t painted my toenails in — well, I can’t even remember how long it’s been because I figure, why bother? This time of year, I’m always wearing boots, closed-toe shoes and/o...   more»
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Keep showers short and not too hot.

I just came back from a trip to Detroit, Michigan for the North American International Auto Show. Boy was it cold up there! Even though I was only there for two days, my skin became so dry and my l...   more»
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make that adorable kid kissable again

.What can destroy the yearly family photo calendar, ruin the shoulder of your holiday sweater, and repel grandmothers in a single bound? Answer: It's the little kid with the green snot waterfall an...   more»
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